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Perfect!  Churches and ministries, something special has just arrived.

FINALLY, an incredible resource at a price every disciple can afford.

Essential EQUIPMENT for all your
leaders and learners.

A complete bundle in ONE PLACE for everyone, all the time.

Simple. Fast. Authentic.

Use your brand, our brand, or both to connect, engage, grow and retain like never before.  


expanding your reach with what they want

'Free' Bible apps won't make them free...helping them know truth will.

All the world desires:
  • Understanding – 9 out of 10 people want help understanding the Bible.* It's here; simple, fast, authentic.

  • Authenticity – No Opinions. No Bias. (Romans 2:11) No Interpretation; Just God's Word to help disciple leaders and learners.

  • Affordability – Save your time, lower your costs. We just changed the model so everyone can afford world-class tools.
    * The Reveal Study, 2012




It's never been done—or offered—like this before. Don't miss it!

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