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Helping Others Discover Truth for Themselves

That's the mission of 3Cord—followers of Jesus Christ—bringing you this app. God's Word never changes, but how He gets it to you does! 3CORD (Ecclesiastes 4:12) has been called to serve our LORD, and you, in a unique way. Our model is collaboration, our means is a uniquely integrated app.


Vision: Impacting 10,000,000 in English, and then beyond!

Reach: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, etc.

Truth: 3Cord guards and is not ashamed of More...

  • 3Cord is a team of people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life who have come together from all over the country. Our passion is to offer a helpful way (inductive) of discovering truth. More...

  • There's no partiality with us, nor with God. (Rom 2:11) EVERYONE is welcome.
    And, we know that EVERYONE can do it!

  • Like-minded partners: Three of the finest help anchor our offering – AMG (Zodhiates Word Study); Lockman Foundation (NASB Bible); and CCB (Church Software)


We are not affiliated with—nor obligated to—any denomination, church, ministry, organization, publisher or special interest group.


our partners

More than partners, these world-class resources have a passion to serve you. Collaboration, uniqueness, mission—working together like never before.


The Lockman Foundation is the provider of the 3Cord Bible. To stay focused on our mission, 3Cord has chosen one translation for reading use: The New American Standard Bible. Since its completion in 1971, it has been widely embraced as "the most literally accurate English translation" from the original languages. More...


AMG Publishers are the provider of the Zodhiates, Old and New Testament word studies. Since its inception, AMG Publishers has become a leader in the Christian publishing with the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible. AMG Publishers publishes under the imprints AMG Publishers™, More...


Church Community Builder Church Community Builder cares about church leaders, and their web-based software is designed (and continually being improved) to support the vital work of ministry. They are known for their software, but believe it or not, software is not their deepest passion. More...


Join with us in prayer, passion, and purpose!







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