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Complement your curriculum and equip your people with the
most practical discipleship tool ever assembled on one screen.


discovery guide

As simple as 1,2,3

  1. Choose a topic, or any chapter.

  2. Read a Live question

  3. Use the easy navigation to discover meaning and answers to life's questions
Every page of the Bible has:

  • Look – helps you see what the Word "says"

       Touch these icons for direction.

  • Learn – helps you discover what the Word "means"

  • Live – helps you "apply" the Word to your life

Save your Discovery in Notes.



Original word meanings matter. More is better.
Check out the word "grace":
English dictionary: favor or goodwill
Hebrew/Greek dictionary: divine influence on the heart, reflected in one's life; it changes the individual to a new creature without destroying his individuality.


You touch a word, we'll sort and display the information instantly.

Fast. Simple. True.


The writers are human. The author is God.

Two world-class 'word for word' translations:
New American Standard and the King James Version.

Accurate. Clear. Precise.


For the first time ever, get in a second what may take minutes, hours, days or, tragically, never. Everything you need at a ridiculously low price. Save your money and your time.

Finally, you can arm your teachers, leaders, members and seekers with this amazing discovery tool. Consider everyone having the same:
  • Thousands of road signs for every page of the Bible

  • 8,000+ 'Learn' and 'Live' questions straight from the Bible

  • 20,000+ cross references all relating specifically to the text

  • All to lighten your load!

Most people won't pay $100's for less. But they will pay $8.99 per year for more than what they can get elsewhere.



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